De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 12, 1924

John Ross Kay

The sad death of John Ross KAY, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. KAY, occurred at the home of his parents near Round Grove last Saturday evening at 7:30 o’clock following an attack of typhoid fever. KAY was married four months ago at Corsicana, where he was in the employ, the past two years, with an oil company. The malady that caused his death was contracted in the Corsicana oil field. He had just brought his bride home for a visit with his parents over the holidays.

The funeral service was at Round Grove Sunday afternoon, and a very large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friends followed his bier to its last resting place there.

Sympathy is extended the young bride as well as the father and mother and others whose hearts are made heavy by his passing.

Four Hunters Bag Three Bucks Junction Hunt

A party of deer hunters are home from a hunting expedition in the country beyond Junction, bringing back with them three big bucks and eleven turkeys. The party was composed of T.S. HOLDEN, J.A. STROUP, S.T. COUNTS and J.T. BOSWELL. Every member of the party killed turkeys, but Mr. HOLDEN was unlucky with the deer but COUNTS bagged two bucks and STROUP and BOSWELL were each shooting at the other when it was brought down.

The party was out a week and found game plentiful in the wild country and south west of Junction.

Four DeLeon Boys Offer Blood For Transfusion

A most laudable spirit was shown by four De Leon young men this week in offering blood for transfusion to save the life of H.E. WHITTLE, who is in a critical condition at St. Paul’s Sanitarium, Dallas. The four boys, who had kept up closely with the case of WHITTLE, received the message that he could not live without new blood perhaps beyond Thursday. Tuesday afternoon in the coldest weather of the year, the young men, Oscar COSBY, Woodie BUTLER, Ben CARTER and Hime LLOYD, left in a car for Dallas to offer the necessary assistance.

Minute tests are made of the blood of those from whom it is taken. The donor must be in perfect health and have no taint of hereditary disease. The transfusion may be made in two ways: by drawing blood from the donor with a needle and injecting it into the veins of the recipient, or by direct transfer through a glass tube inserted in the arteries of the arm, the blood passing from one to the other by gravity flow.

WHITTLE is suffering from gall stones. A large stone had formed in one kidney. An operation last Thursday removed the stone and also the affected kidney. The blood transfusion is found necessary to save his life. Even with this modern surgical method his condition is grave.

WHITTLE came to De Leon as head mechanic for Harris and Powell, contractors, which company built the system of highways about De Leon. He is an expert automobile mechanic. He was married several months ago to Kathrine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. BILLS.


A friend, brother, son, and husband has left this world of sorrow for the happiness and sunshine of the better world. How sad indeed it is for one so young and promising as Ross was, and with such bright prospects for this world to have to go so early. Only those with the same sad experience know the sorrow of the bereaved wife, parents and family. But the Angels of God sing with happiness when his saints are gathered home.

John Ross KAY was born July 6, 1901. He was the son of John M. KAY and wife Allie Ross KAY. He was reared near De Leon, living with his parents till a few years ago. His untimely death was caused by typhoid fever which we suppose was contracted in the oil field near Corsicana where he was working.

Ross became a Christian at the age of eleven years and has been a member of the Baptist church since. Last summer he told his parents of his re-consecration of his life to Christ, and said it was because of the company of a good Christian girl, the little woman who became his wife.

He was married last August to this girl, Miss Verma Lee WILDS of Corsicana who was a faithful wife and beloved companion through the short months of their married life.

Besides his wife, he leaves his Father, Mother, two brothers and three sisters to mourn his death.

His remains are laid away in the Round Grove Cemetery, where many of his Mothers people, the ROSS’ sleep their last sleep.

[poem follows]

Offering of Thanks

We take this method of thanking our kind friends, who so nobly came to our assistance during the sickness and death of our beloved brother, son, and husband, and for the beautiful floral offerings and words of sympathy. And especially do we thank our good Dr. INZER who did all in his power to stay the hand of death, and also our beloved pastor, Brother DAY, for his sweet words of comfort spoken to our bereaved hearts.

Mrs. John Ross KAY, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. KAY, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. WILLIAME, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. CUMMINS, Winnie and Dale KAY

Had Operation

Huley JOHNSON was carried to Gorman for an operation for appendicitis this week, the operation being successfully performed and Mr. JOHNSON is recovering. This is the second or third operation for appendicitis in this family within recent months.

School Notes

Honor Roll – De Leon High School

Sophomore: Marion SHORT

Junior: Wayne MULLOY, Zollie STEAKLEY, Thesel ALLEN, Lois HARVEY, Allene MULLOY, Roger Mac SMITH

Senior: Allene MOODY, Emma Joe BREWER, Annie Mae REED, Nettie NEILL

Honor Roll From First Grade South Ward

Lady Grace WHALEY, Leona HEPNER, Willfred BAGWELL, Elizabeth BAGWELL, Erma Ree ALEXANDER, Treasure Louise RUSSELL, Margaret IRVIN, Spencer LIGHTFOOT

North Ward Honor For November

The following is the honor roll for the North Ward. Certain standards of attainments are set up as Standards of honor and those who attain these standards are given a place on the Honor Roll.

The requirements for a place on the Honor Roll are that the child make 90 or above in attendance and deportment and on the five cardinal subjects.

The following is the Honor Roll for the North Ward for November:

1st Grade: Alma D. TUBBS, Oleta SMITH, Chrystel HOLLOWMAN, Ada WISDOM, Annetta CHARLES, L.D. MERRITT, Lamor WOODS, Lee MALONE, Reta CORBIN.

2nd Grade: Henry Garland PEEVY, W.M. WALKER, Dorothy McGINNIS, Merle RICH, Ina SMITH.

3rd Grade: Virginia HOWARD, Ava DUKE

4th Grade: El Dora COONER, Iyah WIDEMAN

5th Grade: Lavern ATCHINSON

6th Grade: Mattie Ruth RIDDLE, Ruth HOWE, Geneva COLLY

North Ward Play Basket Ball At Comanche

Last Friday afternoon the girls basket ball team went over to Comanche and played a matched game with the Grammar School girls of that place. An excellent game was played and without any trace of unpleasantness. The North Ward girls won the game by a score of five to three.

Forwards: Monigue RUSSELL, Bulah Mae WARD

Centers: Vivian RICH, Opal Mae FRANK

Guards: Mildred GOOCH, Gladys REED, Reba Fay NIEL, Lena TAYLOR


Mrs. S.T. COOK went to Gorman to the Blackwell Sanitarium one day last week where she underwent an eye operation. At present she is getting along nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY and daughter Ina, and Mrs. N.H. FLOYD were hurt in a car wreck in De Leon last Wednesday afternoon. However, the wounds were not very serious and all parties are recovering nicely.

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